Our Mission

To inform every clinical treatment decision with personalized real-world evidence.


Stanford pioneered the use of electronic medical records for generating evidence from similar patients to inform the care of new patients in 2011. The laboratory of Dr. Nigam Shah, built the temporal search technology and perfected the workflow to effectively generate such evidence for any patient. In 2019, Dr. Saurabh Gombar led the team which successfully informed the care of over 150 patients and was recognized nationally by clinicians and the National Library of Medicine. Upon completion of the pilot, Saurabh Gombar, Nigam Shah, and Brigham Hyde founded Atropos Health to inform every patient’s care. Supported by Stanford Health Care's Innovation Program, Atropos Health launched in Oct 2020.

Our Team

Saurabh Gombar, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Vlad Polony
Director of Engineering
Brigham Hyde, PhD
Board Chair
Neil Sanghavi
Yen Low, PhD
Director of Real World Data & Data Science
Nigam Shah, MBBS, PhD
Technical Advisor
Sharath Reddy
Chief Financial Officer
& Head of Corporate Development
Uday Reddy
Kelly Clark Rafferty
Alison Callahan, PhD
Technical Advisor

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