If you're excited about using data to advance the practice of medicine, please get in touch by emailing! We are primarily hiring for our technical team, but we are always happy to connect with interested candidates in other functional areas.

Engineers who are excited to work collegially on any and all pieces of our solution are the backbone of our team.  You will be responsible for tasks ranging from data ingestion, analytics processing, 3rd party integrations, UI, and output. Join us to grow your skills and focus on areas of interest.



  • 6+ years of experience with Java

  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript

  • 3+ years of experience with git and GitHub or similar VCS providers

  • Experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL or similar databases

  • Experience with Travis CI, Jenkins, or TeamCity or similar CI/CD platforms

  • Experience with AWS including S3 and Beanstalk, or similar platforms

  • Experience with DevOps practices and release management

  • Knowledge of agile development practices (Kanban or Scrum)



  • Some experience with Python

  • Some experience with Spark / Hadoop, etc. 

If you enjoy the challenge of owning the creation and development of data science products in collaboration with Product and Clinical teams, this position is for you. Creative and versatile data scientists who not only find opportunities for product improvement and innovation but also deliver solutions with strong engineering skills are the secret ingredient of our data-intensive approach. Example innovations include: building new products from new data sets, designing a recommender, designing new customer satisfaction metrics, building an A/B testing platform, and more. 

As an advanced data scientist, we’d rely on you to think creatively and critically, finding novel solutions and sidestepping less promising ones. You have a broad DS toolkit and know which tool to use for different problems or even fashion new tools from existing ones. You will lead projects with hands-on research, modeling and building prototypes. You keep the project on track, identifying and communicating key challenges and opportunities with stakeholders.



  • Master's degree in Clinical Informatics, Bioinformatics, CS, Epidemiology, Statistics, Social Sciences (Economics, Psychology). PhD preferred.

  • Experience with ML modeling of large clinical datasets. 

  • Experience with projects in RWE or Public Health. Sufficiently knowledgeable about healthcare to interpret findings alongside clinical input.

  • Fluency with Python, R, git, Linux, conda. Experience with HPC and cloud infrastructure (AWS/GCP/Azure and Docker) will be a plus.

  • Excellent problem-framing, problem-solving, project management and team collaboration skills.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with medical coding

  • End-to-end conception-to-production of ML models

  • Flexible thinking: you know how to re-frame the problem to find practical solutions

  • Specialization in Causal Inference, Health Economics, NLP,  Experiment design or medical ontologies will be a plus.

Apply now by emailing!