STAT News: Stanford Spins out a Company to Tap Old Patient Data to Answer New Questions

September 15, 2021 -- Writing for STAT+, Casey Ross interviews our founder, Professor Nigam Shah, discussing our team's new NEJM Catalyst paper on the results of our pilot at Stanford Health Care and the founding of Atropos Health.

Key highlights below and full story here.

“Medicine is one of the few industries that doesn’t learn from how it served its past customers,” said Nigam Shah, a Stanford bioinformatics professor who co-founded Atropos and is serving as an adviser to the company. If that shortcoming was understandable in the 1970s, he said, it is no longer excusable today, when providers have access to vast digital records on the care of their patients. “We’re sitting on all of this data on what we and our colleagues have done for similar cases for at least a decade now given the adoption of EHRs [electronic health records],” Shah said. “Let’s just look at what happened.”