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The Atropos Evidence Platform turns health data into publication grade evidence in less than 24 hrs with our unique combination of technology and highly trained staff.

Prognostogram Informatics Consult

Prognostogram Informatics Consult

Physicians can order and rapidly access personalized real-world evidence for specific patients. Get answers in less than 24 hours to questions like:

  • How have other similar patients responded to this treatment?

  • What is the expected cost of care for this patient?

  • What is the correct diagnosis for patients with these characteristics?

  • Many more


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Low-Code Clinical Analytics


Low-Code Clinical Analytics

Supercharge your analytics team with our purpose-built platform for clinical data science.

Key Features:

  • Proprietary in-memory search engine, ACE, enables 50x faster and 30X cheaper queries 

  • Native understanding of medical terminology from the 11 UMLS reference libraries to reduce the number of expensive table joins

  • Low-code, healthcare-specific interface, called TQL (temporal query language), can be learned in as little as 1 half-day training session