Atropos Health Announces Launch and Seed Funding Round

Palo Alto, CA -- December 10 , 2020 – Atropos Health announced company launch and close of seed funding round to bring the promise of personalized real-world data (RWD) based evidence to the point of care. Atropos Health provides a digital solution for patients, providers, health systems, research universities, and risk-bearing entities. A first-of-its-kind digital physician consult service, Atropos Health provides the on-demand Prognostogram™, which leverages electronic medical record (EMR) data to derive digital evidence for individual patients. The Prognostogram™ offers physicians Real-World Evidence individualized to the patient or clinical question they are treating. The solution is enabled by the company’s patented Atropos Evidence Platform technology that uniquely enables institutions to create value from previously siloed EMR data. In peer-reviewed research, the Solution solves the challenge of rapid personalized digital evidence for patients and caregivers. The solution has already been deployed, with two years of live experience with the service within Stanford Health Care.

According to a 2009 JAMA article by Duke University Clinical Research Institute, over 80% of patient care decisions lack clinical evidence. This leaves physicians and care stakeholders forced to rely on limited, underpowered clinical trials, often with cherry picked patient populations. Many clinical studies deliberately exclude comorbid and complex patients and are demographically skewed. Yet much of the modern patient population is comorbid and or complex. Atropos Health gives a voice to those underrepresented patients, and offers caregivers scaled data driven evidence to make decisions about patient care.

Prognostogram is delivered through the Atropos Evidence Platform which uses unique search technology licensed from Stanford University. The research project began at Stanford Medicine more than five years ago as the “Green Button” concept: What if pressing a virtual button could trigger a search of millions of similar, anonymized electronic records to instantly aggregate data to inform patient care? The concept grew into the IRB-approved research project called the Clinical Informatics Consult service, with a proof of concept tested at Stanford Health Care over the last two years.

“The promise of learning from the care of past patients is a concept has been discussed for a generation now” said Nigam Shah, co-founder, Atropos Health. “Atropos Health uses a combination of technology, data, and a physician-centered service to fulfil the promise of data driven evidence for individual patients.”

“By tailoring the service to the way physicians think, and practice medicine, we are able to meet physicians in the moment when they need information” said Saurabh Gombar, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder at Atropos Health. “When a physician orders a Prognostogram™, they get the experience of a consult or second opinion, but backed by scaled evidence and tailored to their specific patient in a real time manner.”

Atropos Health also announced the completion of a seed funding round in the fall of 2020, by a group of institutional and individual investors including Boston Millennia Founders Fund. Atropos Health was also selected as a participant in StartX 2020. Financial details have not been disclosed.

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About Atropos Health™

Atropos Health™ is the first provider of the Digital Prognostogram™, a Real-World Data driven solution that provides individualized evidence to caregivers, institutions, and risk bearing entities. Atropos Health, a StartX company, has the mission to provide a Prognostogram to every patient decision, and fill the evidence gap for underserved, comorbid, and complex patients. By accomplishing this mission Atropos Health will improve outcomes, reduce wasted healthcare expenditures, and improve the caregiver experience. To learn more about Atropos Health, visit or connect through LinkedIn and Twitter. Nigam Shah is (Professor of Medicine, Biomedical Data Science) at Stanford Medicine. Saurabh Gombar is (Clinical Instructor, School of Medicine, Dept of Pathology) at Stanford Medicine.

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