Low-Code Clinical Analytics

Data science and clinical analytics teams are now able to access the same platform that we built for our Prognostogram service for their own internal data analysis needs.

Key Features

Atropos Advanced Cohort Engine (ACE)

Proprietary in-memory search engine enables 50x faster and 30X cheaper queries (when compared to Google BigQuery)
Native understanding of medical terminology from all 11 of the National Library of Medicine's Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) reference libraries. This makes writing queries more like using a search engine than writing code.
Low-code, healthcare-specific interface, called TQL (temporal query language), can be learned in as little as 1 half-day training session

Atropos Analytics Pipeline

Personalized comparative effectiveness analyses using high-dimensional propensity scores matching algorithms completed in less than 1 day
Reusable templates for estimating treatment effects (e.g., odds ratio, hazard ratio) and sensitivity analysis (e.g.,  E-value) to assess potential bias from residual confounding
On call staff of physician informaticists and data scientists provide technical guidance and extra analytical capacity

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